Rachel Bracha therapist nlp and guided imagery workshop
Facilitator personal empowerment and visualization.

My name is Rachel, a certified holistic therapist greeting rising star Therapeutic Meditation with guided imagery, spiritual Hilinig, soft power, n.l.p.

* Personal treatments
Workshop facilitator, awareness and personal empowerment.*

During my personal journey I acquired knowledge and skill tools Take care of myself and others.
Personal meetings and workshops I try to instill my credo ":
Anyone can change his life if he chose and he understands
He key to change".
Only we can take personal steps toward our development. And each have their own journey but we need the help of light and assistance.

נייד: 050-7363551                 |                      דוא"ל: rachelby24@gmail.com           |              האלוף נחמיה תמרי 11 ר"ג